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Birkenstock shoes

Birkenstock shoes are known worldwide mainly thanks to the cork latex insoles, as well as due to the high functionality they play. For more than 225 years birkenstock company produces high quality footwear using the super high-quality materials. The top straps are made of various materials and usually one can choose between natural leather, suede and leather. Most of the spectacular designs considered to be long-lasting sometimes for life time.

Birkenstock company designed the outline of the footbed uniquely comfortable, with insoles that absorbs shock, buckles designed comfort and years of durability. Almost every component of Birkenstock shoes, sandals and slippers can be replaced and repair, making the purchase of Birkenstocks a good long-term investment, especially when you consider the comfort and health of your foot as "top priority".

Birkenstock shoe insoles are made ​​of cork and natural latex, the contours of insoles designed in the form of a healthy foot. The contours ensure proper weight distribution with raised arches to help support structure and natural form of the foot. The toe cup allows the toes to hold on right and at the same time to be flexible. This structure accelerates blood circulation, exercise the legs and helps maintain the right balance. The deep heel cup keeps the natural padding of feet under the heel and provides stability. As a result, only the correct bones bear the weight of the body and keep your spine and legs aligned.

Birkenstock popped up in the US about 30 years ago when the founder of Birkenstock USA, Margot Fraser shared the dream of millions of Americans to have the comfort of Birkenstock shoes and especially the many health benefits, besides the foot feeling overall comfort of the body and mind. Margot Fraser tried Birkenstock sandals when she spent her first vacation in a German resort, she was surprised by the immediate feeling of comfort. There, she studied about it and found out the original Birkenstocks were invented and designed by Konrad Birkenstock in 1897. In fact, the Birkenstock family were and still are manufacturers of shoes for over two hundred years, producing for world tradition of comfortable shoes.

It's not enough to try Birkenstocks a minute or two and immediately decide whether it is convenient or not, the Birkenstock insoles are dynamic and adapt to your unique foot form, should be given some time in order to get used to them, at least number of days during which the molded insole adapts especially for you. The short waiting time justifies itself and a great value since the purchase of Birkenstock is a long-term investment.